Your staycation dress code needs to be governed by the moto ‘be prepared’. Regardless of what staycation you’re planning, the UK weather will keep you on your toes. UK holiday bookings for summer 2021 are already booming. Surely interest will be further piqued by the news Portugal is removed from the Government’s green list and no further countries are added? The Government had already made it clear the green list is a two-way street, but the volatility of the country’s green list will not only cause despondence but is probably causing a sharp intake of breath. UK holidays are the likely beneficiaries. Travel restrictions are here to stay.

While assembling your wardrobe for a UK holiday might not be quite as much fun, there’s still much to be said for doing a little shopping. And don’t overlook unworn clothes in your closet. Staycation style can be just as eye catching as dressing for the Rivera. It will be a little different but there is no reason why it can’t bring you a little joy. I am all for the power of clothes to make us happy.

Your Dress Code for a Staycation Setting

Opting for a staycation still gives you plenty of holiday options: From seaside splendour to cosy country cottages to city breaks. Naturally, it’s not a case of one wardrobe fits all. But wherever you are going I favour being guided by versatility, comfort and layering. A city break outfit can be more cosmopolitan than perhaps outfits for a relaxing stay at a country cottage, but you’ll still want your outfits to work if the weather turns out to be unreliable. Likewise, if you are heading for the country, you can max out on practical outfits. If heading for the seaside you are probably going to be focused on beachwear and coverups. Other than that, interchangeable pieces you can mix and match work well. Your staycation dress code should be flexible. And wherever you are heading, if you’re planning on spending time outdoors take something waterproof but light weight.

Don’t Forget Dresses

So a holiday might mean you are dressing for a slower pace of life. Personally, regardless of destination, I would include two dresses. One might be a ‘throw on, throw off’ kind of dress. Perfect for day wear and probably not too expensive. The second should be something smarter. Both can be jolly colours. Even patterned. Perfect for going out.

The good news is that many sales have started. For the last year it’s probably been true that unless you must buy the latest designer release, there are bargains to be had.