Your dress code for spring/summer in the UK will probably include lots of layering. Think separates you can mix and match. Of course, there will be casual gear, but don’t right-off putting a dress into the mix. A dress has a special place in any wardrobe. And you can still layer it with cardigans, jackets or even a sweater. Personally speaking, I go dress shopping every year to add a little pizazz to my closet. And why not? With prices largely down there has never been a better time to shop for a special piece – especially if you are not wedded to buying current season stock.

Your Dress Code for Spring/Summer

Everyone needs something special in their wardrobe. With June 21 likely to mean the end of lockdown in England (and the rest of the UK) now is the time to get ready. Not only that, if the Governments ‘green list’ left you underwhelmed, you can bet more countries will be added to it in the next month. Now is the time to get your outfits ready, for what will surely be a summer like no other, regardless of what the weather is doing at home. Your dress code for spring/summer might 2021 benefit from an overhaul, after all, there’s been little to look forward to. While casualwear may have ruled the day in 2020 – it won’t be the same this year. The economy is opening up – there are more chances to go out and enjoy yourself and the same can be said for holidays too.

A New Dress Is Always Special

A dress or two has a special place in any closet, whether you are looking for something to wear at home or abroad. I would say a good dress has an essential place in any wardrobe, but of course other clothing matters too. A new piece of cashmere is always welcome. A cashmere cropped cardi is the perfect layering piece whether you are wearing a dress or separates. I might also add a new pair of shoes. Next to a dress, does anything else make you feel so special? There are good deals to be had so do shop around.