When it comes to dress length, you know the saying go hard or go home. I think this can be applied to dress length. There are those who say you should plump for a dress length just above or below the knee but you don’t have to. Opinions vary but here is my view.

The Importance Of Body Shape And Proportions

You obviously have to consider your body’s proportions, the shape of your legs and how petite you are. You certainly don’t want to wear a dress that swamps you. I would say for most people the obvious options are mid-thigh (not too high) or midi. Both are versatile lengths. For most of us dresses that fall to the knee are best avoided, no matter who designs them.

A shorter dress isn’t just for the slim. It depends on your body’s proportions and the shape of your legs. If your legs are shapely, tapering to the knee, then falling to a shapely calf the world’s your oyster. Shorter dresses also tend to flatter petite frames.

Why A Midi Dress Might Be Your Best Option

If that’s not you a midi dress might be your best alternative especially if your body is in proportion. A midi dress will cover a multitude of sins and is without question the most versatile length of dress to have in your wardrobe. A midi dress can be casual or smart. Does a short dress ever really look casual? That said, a shorter dress, say mid-thigh can work well for dinner, cocktails or clubbing or parties. Much depends on what you are comfortable with and what suits you. Petite frames often look better wearing shorter lengths. If going for shorter you might want to pay particular attention to the neckline.

Designers Like Dolce and Gabbana Include Most Dress Lengths

Designers like Dolce and Gabbana will typically cover a range of dress lengths in any one collection so no matter what you plump for they have options (other designers are available) in current and previous collections. Shop around. Even consider preloved or vintage dresses if you find a dress that will make you truly happy.

These days I am a convert to midi dresses although I did have a flirtation with shorter dresses in my 20’s – and I enjoyed it. But way back then those were not luxury dresses. If you are going designer go for something versatile. You’ll get your money’s worth.