I will take stylish dressing over trendsetting any day of the week.  Not only is being on trend unrealistic for many (even if we know what the trends are) no one wants to be a slave to their wardrobe. Rather, the concept of personal style never goes out of fashion.  It’s the best way to reflect your personality in your clothes.

But don’t just take it from me.

In 2019, on Dazed Digital, Marc Jacobs was quoted as saying, “I like something old, something new, something borrowed…a mix: high and low – when people with style don’t dress head-to-toe off a runway, they incorporate pieces that work for them into their own language and tell their own story with their clothes.”

The art of pulling an outfit together sums up the essence of stylish dressing.

THE Marc Jacobs, the label launched in 2019, runs alongside his runway collection but instead puts together a collection of standalone pieces taking inspiration from the designer’s archive. Each has been put forward to be ‘best in class’. The message is clear. Be a fashion magpie rather than a slave to fashion. Pull outfits together mixing luxury, resale, charity shop and hand-me-downs. Assemble your own look rather than regard a designer as a one stop shop. The growth in fashion resale sites points to an interest in luxury fashion at value prices, even if the items are not new. You can have more for less. Vintage finds in wearable sizes can be good investments too.

To my way of thinking nothing is more empowering than knowing you have created a unique look. Accessories are the cheap way to put your own stamp on an outfit, but it doesn’t stop there. Think of layers. The dress you love so much can be teamed up with different hats, belts, gloves, bags, jackets, jewellery, cropped cardi’s and more.  Creating your own look doesn’t have to be expensive. Invest your cash where it works best for you and keep an open mind on how to change the mood of your wardrobe staple.