With brilliant blue skies in one half of the country and snow further south today feels like a typical (confused) British Springtime day. It is also the day when many people’s thoughts will be turning to having a pint down their local (outside) or hitting the high street. During the last year it’s not the number of businesses that have ceased trading that have surprised me but rather that so many have managed to keep going. Often finding new ways of trading. Smart. In Scotland, while some schools are back today, and we are no longer required to stay at home, further easing of lockdown is a couple of weeks away.

Instead of writing this what I probably should be doing is sorting through my inventory (sounds grander than it is!) so I can add a few seasonal pieces to A Good Frock before I open for real. I am thinking colourful prints and a few short dresses. While travel abroad has been penned in for no earlier than 17 May, it would not surprise me if it’s kicked into the long grass and staycations are the norm for 2021. But a staycation doesn’t mean you can’t dress the part. Right? Did you see what I did there?

Dresses are more versatile than you might think. Most can be layered with cardigans or sweaters. A cardigan doesn’t have to be frumpy. A cropped cashmere cardigan is a wardrobe workhorse. For example, it’s the perfect partner for many styles of dress and can take you straight through from day to evening without skipping a beat. Another alternative is a short or cropped jacket.  So, don’t hideaway your sleeveless dresses or discount them from 2021 purchases. You might not get to Corfu or Capri but it will be stylish!

Me? I am going to sort through some dresses to see what beauties I will add next to A Good Frock. Happy dress hunting!