Being a fan of international designers, like Dolce and Gabbana, often means I am searching for dresses outside the UK.  With Brexit things just got more complicated.  But whether you are tempted to buy in Europe or the US, a dress might not end up being the bargain you thought by the time import charges are added. And the more expensive your purchase the more you pay! Of course, the situation may change with the promise of trade deals. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I love shopping! I am never happier than when I am hitting the streets or combing the internet. ‘Trade secrets’ mean I can’t reveal where I shop but what I will say is I have to cast a very wide net!

Shopping with me at A Good Frock means you will always make savings. You might even save more than you would with some well-known discounters. I set the bar quite high and because it’s only me working behind the scenes, A Good Frock is a small endeavour. All dresses are mint / in very good condition unless otherwise stated. Some are a little creased as I may not have got around to steaming them.  But you will save loads of cash!

Sometimes even I am surprised what I can find.  Not that long ago I bought a dress in an ‘everything must go’ kind of set up only to find it was not the designers mainline as I had been led to believe but rather bona fide couture. OK, so that does not happen every day, but I get a thrill out of sourcing every dress. But I can’t work miracles. If the prices aren’t good enough, I won’t buy. This is why I am only able to add new stock intermittently. You will have fun checking back to see what I have added.