If you have been working from home over much of the last year you might have made an effort to get dressed for work every day. Some people do. My friend who has been shielding and running her own business from home, rather than the office, has pretty much got dressed for work every day. She says it puts her the right mindset. Then of course there are all those zoom calls.

But perhaps you are fed up with loungewear? You are not the only one.  While it may have been your de facto uniform over much of the past year, 2021 may well be different. As the song says, ‘the times they are a changin’. Today we have more reasons to be hopeful, some sense of normality may return in the not ‘too distant’ future.  For everyone, especially those who have been based at home during much of the last year, the prospect of a return to normal life brings the possibility of being able (at last) to wear a wider range of clothes.

Personally, I am not much into loungewear, but it’s no secret it has been selling like hotcakes over the last year and it’s easy to understand why.  It certainly has its place. But tell me this, when did loungewear last make you feel fantastic? Now might be a good time to take a closer look at your clothes in general. Edit and sort where you think it’s helpful. Be prepared for a more sartorial 2021. And maybe even a holiday. Slow and steady is the watchword here. But it does feel at last as though we have got something to look forward to.

My shielding uniform of choice is jeans. I have stored some lovely things away and look forward to the day when I can reasonably get them out of storage and put them in the ‘current’ section of my wardrobe. That day is coming closer.  Lockdown will end and life will return to a new normal.  And mark my words. There will be scramble for lovely clothes.  What better way to give yourself a post lockdown lift? I always say, if you are going to treat yourself make it a nice treat. No messing: Go hard or go home.