My story.

Would love to be able to tell you I have a 40 -year career in fashion but it would not be true. Rather I am just like you. Always on the lookout for deals on dresses but chances are I have been shopping for bargains longer than some of you have been alive!

Proud to have been wearing Dolce and Gabbana dresses since the 1990s. I have just got one of those bodies that looks better in a dress. So, I try to buy dresses that flatter and sometimes, I admit, a statement piece will sneak in. I just have to meet these dresses in person!

My background is actually in marketing. And I spent 20+ plus years working in London. But when I started my first online venture it gave me the freedom to move back to Scotland. I am currently based in Edinburgh.

I spent a year dabbling in fashion retail – building up an understanding of the business. The truth is I have been shielding during the pandemic. I came up with a A Good Frock when a number of things came together. I knew I had to be home-based.

I am not a fashion obsessive. Really, I am not. But, for me, a flattering dress has always been the Holy Grail. My! Dolce and Gabbana know how to flatter a woman! But that’s only half the story. In my opinion you need a good understanding of what flatters you. Me? Well I almost always buy dresses in solid colours and mid-weight fabrics. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be tempted by a classic Dolce and Gabbana print. For me, if we are getting down to the nitty gritty, it depends on the size of the pattern.

So, I would say I am a Dolce and Gabbana specialist. My collection is a little sporadic because cracking deals don’t come along every day. You’ll find I mostly sell Dolce and Gabbana but not exclusively. And I am buying mostly from authorised retailers and dealers in Europe. I love a bargain and I am thrilled I can pass savings onto you, spreading a little happiness along the way.