I am here to help you find a luxury dress on A Good Frock that fits you.

Judging by the number of times I read ‘fits true to size’ you’d think there was never any variation in sizing. Some luxury fashion sites have a very good handle on sizing and will flag when a style strays from the designers normal sizing. Others not so much. You’ll find further proof on resale sites where a fair number of items could have been returned but have been listed instead.  A good returns policy boots confidence but wouldn’t it be better if the dress had actually fitted in the first place?

More than once I have seen the same dress labelled ‘fits true to size’ on one site, only to be labelled ‘runs large’ or ‘runs small’ on another. And my suspicion is some resale sites who you’d think would measure every dress might only look at the label. Food for thought. None of this helps you. Anyway, it got me thinking. Maybe there’s more I could do to help you?

Designers obviously have size charts. But they are not fool proof.  Some have a reputation for running small (say some) when I have thought they were pretty generous but there is no substitute for measuring individual dresses. This is what I will commit to doing time consuming though it is. Bear with me. It will take time.

And I think I can do even more.

Soon every listing for a dress will contain a link to my contact details and in a click you can request any and all measurements for a particular dress. You can easily compare these to dresses you already own.  A virtual fitting.

There’s obviously no substitute for trying a dress on. But retailers can take some of the drama out of sizing and fit.