Learning how to dress like an Italian woman means first understanding a bit about clothing culture in Italy. Italian women spend more as a proportion of their outgoings on clothes and accessories than British (and French) women.

Fare Bella Figura

‘Fare bella figura’ is the order of the day. Which doesn’t translate to ‘make a good impression’ as is often quoted but rather to ‘make a good figure’. As a guiding principle of how you appear to others it’s more common in the North of Italy where people are generally wealthier and clothing budgets bigger. But beauty is a strong motivation in purchases regardless. Striving to be classically classy is the order of the day. Commit to looking good.

Learn How to Dress Like an Italian Woman – Be a Sophisticated Buyer

Having spent a lot of time in Italy I can tell you Italian women are sophisticated in the way they appraise clothes. They will be guided by what suits them in a figure flattering way rather than what the latest ‘must have’ trend is. Therefore, Italian women are less prone to fashion extremes (and mistakes) than their British counter parts. Italian clothes are often designed to accentuate a woman’s curves and form so are often form fitting. Dolce and Gabbana’s figure flattering dresses are a good guide to the well-tailored and sexy shape Italian women strive for. That’s not to say Italian women only buy dresses. Classic separates work just as well, but the same maxims hold true. Go for chic shapes.

Buy the Best You Can Afford

It would be wrong to suggest that all Italian women buy designer clothes, but regardless of budget they tend to buy the best they can afford which means smaller closets of, on average, better quality pieces. Less fast fashion.

Although Italian women spend more on clothes than we do that doesn’t mean they are not thrifty. It’s part of Italian clothes culture to shy away from throw away fashion and instead buy clothes that can be worn season after season. While the climate in some parts of Italy means Italian’s may have seasonable wardrobes, they favour quality natural fibres at any time of the year.

Other Hallmarks of How Italian Women Dress

Italian women are also reluctant to expose too much flesh so bear this in mind when assembling outfits. As an example, if buying a short dress, ensure the neckline is not revealing. Accentuate only one part of the body.

French women may be more likely to favour neutrals while the key thing in Italy is to focus on being elegant. This doesn’t mean sticking to neutrals but does mean an outfit should be colour balanced. A red or white shirt can be worn with jeans or neutral trousers, but a red shirt is unlikely to be seen with red jeans. It Italy it’s likely a greater proportion of women invest in designer bags and shoes but for most, quality is the guiding principle, regardless of budget. Buy leather, not manmade. ‘Bella Figura’ makes it so. Beauty applies to shoes and accessories just as much as clothes.

To there you have it. Anyone can learn how to dress like an Italian woman.

Buy an Italian dress.