Holiday packing for women top tips and tricks: They key thing is to choose items that don’t take up much room and of course don’t pick too many! Discipline. I know there is a temptation to always pack more than is strictly necessary.

Take Carry-on Luggage Only

You’ll want to make sure you only take carry on luggage to avoid losses and lengthy delays. For some this might be a big ask. But really, packing a huge suitcase of your most treasured clothes, isn’t worth the risk or the inconvenience. And we’ve all come back from holiday with unworn clothes. The lesson is right there.

Remember in addition to one piece of carry-on luggage some airlines will allow you to also take one personal item – as long as it can be stored under the seat in front of you, if not in the overhead locker. This is useful for non-clothing items such as makeup but if you have a need for more packing room you can roll up clothes and put in a backpack or holdall. Top tip – do check with your airline in advance as the rules can change suddenly. And don’t forget the bag within a bag trick.

What To Take On Holiday

Assuming you are jetting off somewhere warm you’ll probably want to think in terms of comfort, layers, and versatility. Think natural fibres. Cotton, linen, silk. Separates are great for layering. For a week’s holiday think in terms of about 3 bottoms (jeans, shorts, skirts) and 4 tops. Make 1 top a piece for layering such as a cropped cardi and at least 1 item should have long sleeves. Avoid jackets because they take up too much room unless you will travel wearing it. Dresses are relatively easy to pack so I would always include one or two to inject a bit of sass into your week away. Dresses work well for evenings as well as daytime wear. Double these quantities for a two-week break.

Women’s Outfit Essentials

Linen trousers and cotton t-shirts are holiday staples, but I always like to include a linen shirt for wearing over t-shirts and vests. Jeans can work as an evening option as an alternative to a dress. Packing at least one dress can be a lifesaver if you get sunburn – nothing will keep you as comfortable as a dress. You can save a lot of space by being strict with yourself on the number of shoes you take. Try to limit yourself to two pairs including the shoes you will be wearing. You don’t need three or four pairs of sandals.

There are tough choices to be made but holiday packing has never been about taking everything. Be practical. And just because you are limiting the items you take doesn’t mean you can’t include something glam. In fact, I highly recommend it! Who said fashion friendly holiday packing had to be dull?