Finding the perfect dress for any occasion means shopping for your shape to emphasises your best feature(s), rather than your size. It can be transforming. Do you know what suits you?

Draw the Eye to Your Best Feature

Decide what part of your body you want to accentuate to make the most of your figure. Then you find a dress that is a flattering fit. Most of us don’t have perfect bodies. A common mistake is the feeling you need to conceal features when the best results can be had by accentuating your best features. Drawing the eye. The answer is never in choosing a shapeless dress. If your shape dictates you want to avoid dresses with a fitted waist still choose a dress with a clearly defined shape that makes the most of your best feature.

Most of us want to draw the eye to our top half rather than the bottom half of our bodies. Exposing the shoulders either by going strapless or wearing a neckline that’s sleeveless but is cut in the from the shoulders can be a flattering option. Both options highlight the top half off your body. If you prefer to cover up your arms take the opportunity to accentuate another part of the body. For example, by playing with hem length or the neckline.

Why Necklines Are Important

Which brings me onto necklines. You’ll know how much you are comfortable revealing, but different head shapes (really) respond differently to curved, straight or V shaped necklines. For example, I never wear V necklines. A deep V neck can be very dramatic if you are comfortable with the look and it suits you. I like a scoop or straight neckline myself with a preference for sleeveless dresses.

Waists and Legs

If you don’t want to wear a dress with a natural waist a straight cut dress or A line dress might be a good option combined with a dramatic neckline. You can draw attention away from your waist by emphasising your shoulders, boobs or opting for a short dress.

Regardless of whether your legs are slim or not, as long as they have shape, you can go midi, above the knee or short. A dress that falls exactly on the knee is rarely flattering. Remember if you are more comfortable going longer rather than shorter you can still create a sense of drama.

As a rule of thumb, finding the perfect dress means picking one to accentuate your best feature. Not all your features. Dresses are a bit like makeup. If you go all out, you can easily overdo it.

The last thing I want to say, is, dress in a way you are comfortable with.