Fashion fantastic does not have to be black. I am here to make the case for adding colour to your wardrobe. I admit, my first Dolce and Gabbana dress (going all the way back to the ‘90s) was black. And it’s still a great dress. Has not dated one iota.  I wear it when I can fit into it. Black is safe and versatile, especially for evening wear but you can easily create more ‘presence’ by choosing a dress in a different colour.  Or even a print!

You see while black dresses are the ‘safe’ choice for many, by choosing a dress in a different colour you bring two things to the table. First, by going the ‘anything but black ‘route or picking a print you can better reflect your personality. Second, you might find a colour that better suits you. The reality is not everyone can carry off black. You’ll know this if you have ever had your colours analysed by Colour Me Beautiful or similar. Black can ‘wash out’ the wrong person.  It might some down to trial and error

Me? I suit bold colours but pastels are no go area unless I can contrast them with something dark. Mostly I avoid them. It also seems to me the canny dress buyer might want something to makes her stand out in a crowd.  As a concept it does not have to be brash or loud to work.

You can certainly make a case for the little black dress, in particular, never going out of date. But I would counter that. The perception fashion colours are seasonal is perpetuated by the fashion and style magazines but in reality, do not reflect how most of us wear our clothes. Secondly, a well-cut dress – a stylish form flattering dress never goes out of fashion. Finally, it’s becoming more common for designers to be known for their signature cuts, prints and colour palette.

So, dare to be bold. Be beautiful.