Dolce and Gabbana Yellow Floral Dress

Preloved Dolce and Gabbana Yellow Floral Dress

Dolce and Gabbana summer dresses bring colour and style into your life. And today’s the day when the UK Government finally released its list of ‘green’ countries under the new traffic light system. So why not bring a little joy into your life in the form of a Dolce and Gabbana summer dress?

Why Dolce and Gabbana Summer Holiday Dresses?

To my mind the ideal summer dress will work at home or abroad, to maximise your chances of wearing it. And by picking a Dolce and Gabbana summer dress, you’ll be choosing a dress which won’t easily date and because they are made of quality fabric, you’ll be making a wise investment. The first Dolce and Gabbana summer dresses I bought in the 1990s are still wearable today.

Other Considerations

My personal preference is to choose a midi length as I think that’s the most versatile for day or evening wear and it suits nearly everyone. Whether it’s for a cocktails in Portugal or dinner in Singapore, a midi dress always strikes the right note.

Your other main consideration is whether you want a self-colour fabric or prefer a pattern. The more petite you are the more likely you can carry off smaller patterns.

Currently for Sale On A Good Frock

My favourite dress in Dolce and Gabbana’s summer 2020 summer collection was their orange tulle dress (I have one for sale) but I also like their recent geranium print dresses. I also have a fringed geranium print dress for sale which would be perfect for summer cocktails. If you will consider a Preloved option, I also have a lovely yellow floral silk dress. Unless you must buy current season, there are great savings to be had by choosing a dress that’s not current season or is preloved and in very good condition.

In terms of fabric, I would opt for silk or tulle. Silk will keep you cool in summer and tulle creates a delicate, romantic look.