My Dolce and Gabbana dresses online outlet, A Good Frock, based in the UK, includes New dresses from recent collections as well as some Preloved and Vintage stock. Trading exclusively online, from my base in Edinburgh, I find deals on dresses so I can offer you authentic stock at less than retail prices. As the saying goes – it’s a win-win. There is also a smattering of dresses by other designers but by any measure A Good Frock is a Dolce and Gabbana dress specialist. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy buying them! Some of the dresses are, frankly, an absolute steal.

A Dolce and Gabbana Dress For Less

Any online Dolce and Gabbana dresses outlet has to offer authentic dresses and provide accurate descriptions. For new dresses that’s straightforward. I am sure of my suppliers. Authenticating Preloved and Vintage stock is trickier, but it comes down to provenance and my knowledge of the brand, allowing me to authenticate my own stock. I like to know the story behind each dress – particularly if it’s expensive or rare.

My collection of dresses is small, but I add dresses when the mood takes me – either because another dress has sold, or I have taken a seasonal dress out of storage or if I have bought new stock that I am keen to show off. The reality is good deals are only available sporadically and I am quite fussy about what I buy. Wearability is a key factor. And the silhouette. These are things Dolce and Gabbana handle beautifully. But in terms of other designers, they are not the only ones which is why, on occasion, dresses by other designers’ feature.

Shipping and returns terms are reasonable (A Good Frock, after all, is currently only a micro endeavour) and honest in the hope buyers will be too. I am currently, in principle, only set up for UK shipping (Brexit has made everything harder) but since international enquiries are coming thick and fast, if you are based outside the UK – message me in the first instance!

A Dolce and Gabbana Dresses Online Outlet Based in Edinburgh

My Dolce and Gabbana dresses outlet is based online in Edinburgh, currently at my home. In that sense it has a physical presence, but no retail shop. I have been shielding and to be frank, although double vaccinated, don’t really know when to stop. So, A Good Frock will be home based for the foreseeable future. Personally, I like the fact it’s a small operation and I can touch the sides, so to speak. Employing other people at this stage was never part of the plan.