A Dolce and Gabbana black polka dot dress, might be just the thing if you want to step out in style. I fell in love with this particular dress when I saw the press photos of Monica Bellucci wearing this dress to open a Dolce and Gabbana catwalk show. The phrase that springs to mind is effortlessly stylish. Truly a dress for all seasons. Polka dot patterns are a perennial favourite, perhaps just boosted a bit by THAT Julia Roberts’ dress. She might have worn her polka dot dress to a polo match, but I think this black and white dress is very versatile. More about that later.

A Womanly Dress for All Seasons

First some honesty. This style of dress made its catwalk debut Spring/Summer 2019 so it’s obviously not current season. But that in no way detracts from the dress. In my opinion it became an instant classic. Dolce and Gabbana obviously thought it was good enough to open their show. That’s a vote of confidence right there.

If I had to describe this dress in one word that word would be ‘womanly’. I was smart enough to snag one for myself, but A Good Frock is holding stock in different sizes. Just ask for details on sizes and measurements. I am not supposed to fall in love with the merchandise. But this dress is elegant, feminine and womanly. What more can you ask for in one dress? The genius of the dress is it commands attention, in a subtle way. Proving, once again, you don’t have to show a lot of flesh to be eye catching.

A Special Dolce and Gabbana Black Polka Dot Dress

This Dolce and Gabbana black polka dot dress is set off by its subtle off the shoulder neckline. In my view this is a neckline which flatters most women. The sleeves ensure the dress stays in place.

Let’s talk about the fabric. Silk satin with a hint of stretch, this is not a dress designed to be tight fitting. The designers’ signature ruching throughout the dress means the dress is designed to drape around the body. Ruching, of course, artfully done, with the folds in all the right places, creates a feminine shape and can flatter a less than perfect figure. Most of us need a little help from our dress designers.

The midi length is my ‘go to’ dress length. I like the sweep of a longer dress length.

As a package this dress is hard to better not least because it doesn’t scream evening wear, although it can obviously be worn for evening wear. Just that in terms of the style of the dress it would work as daywear or evening wear. If you don’t buy many dresses and you want the ones you do buy to work hard for you, then I think you can get lots of wear out of this one. You can tell I like it, can’t you? Everyone needs a black polka dot dress in their lives.