A Dolce and Gabbana black less dress to take your breath away. Does anything say ‘sexy’ more than a black lace dress? A lace dress might not sound most the most practical, but I promise you this one is! Dolce and Gabbana often feature lace dresses in their collections. Often designed not to be worn ‘as is’ but combined with different styles of under garment you can dial them up or down depending on the occasion. And so, it is with the Dolce and Gabbana black lace dress A Good Frock is currently selling. And guess what? I have it in different sizes so be sure to message me for sizes available and measurements.

Versatile D & G Black Lace Dress

A versatile D & G black lace dress can be a wardrobe staple. Whether that means being able to wear it on different occasions or styling it differently, you simply get more bang for your buck. With this D & G black lace dress you can create different looks simply by changing what you wear underneath it. Oh, and I would add, you most definitely need underwear. But that could be anything from slips of different lengths to simply a body – perhaps for a party or if you fancy going clubbing (as and when you can of course). The length is an extremely versatile midi length – I would argue the most flattering of all dress lengths. It does two things. A midi dress hides a multitude of sins but also makes the most of your shape. This particular Dolce and Gabbana black lace midi dress is designed to flatter while at the same time allowing you to put your own stamp on the dress. What can be more versatile than that?

Dolce and Gabbana Black Lace Dress – Lush!

A Dolce and Gabbana black lace dress might invoke a marmite reaction but don’t be too quick to judge. You are essentially getting three dresses in one depending on what you wear underneath it. In the case of the Dolce and Gabbana black lace dress currently for sale on A Good Frock I have to admit the fabric is lightweight – which might not flatter everyone but don’t forget its unlined design is specifically geared to be worn over a range of under garments: Long or short, slip dresses, bodies or separates. You literally get three or four dresses in one. And although the lightweight fabric might put off some, I would urge you consider the fact you will most likely be wearing two layers. It really is lush! Designed to hug your curves, if you are looking for a flattering D & black lace dress, you really have to look no further.

Pictured here, my D & G black lace dress is pictured over a slip dress sources from John Lewis. Gorgeous. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create the same effect. I challenge you to find a better authentic Dolce and Gabbana black lace dress – anywhere, for the same money. And did I mention it has a good amount of stretch? Another reason to love it.