Designer day dresses present something of a conundrum. There are several reasons for this. You probably don’t want to spend as much as you might on an evening dress. Counter this slightly by finding a dress that could plausibly take you right through to the evening. Get two dresses in one, so to speak. Plus, you don’t want to be overdressed for daywear. A dress that screams evening looks completely out of place. Nothing too flash. The alternative is to find a dress that’s beautifully crafted, expertly tailored. That’s one of the best ways to stand out in crowd for the right reasons. Understanding the benefits of buying the right designer, means appreciating a good dress is not just a dress. It promises so much more.

Designer Day Dresses at A Good Frock

Designer day dresses stocked by A Good Frock in Edinburgh are mostly designed by Dolce and Gabbana – for good reason. The Italian duo understand the importance of creating great shapes and combine that with superior craftsmanship. Just look inside a Dolce and Gabbana dress to understand the amount of work that goes into creating them. Notably, their dresses are still made inhouse and not under licence.

My current selection includes this Dolce and Gabbana orange tulle dress. Magnificently bright and form fitting, it’s beautifully shaped in a figure flattering way that’s one of the hallmarks of Dolce and Gabbana dress designs. This could easily take you from day to evening, as long as you are not wedded to wearing black. Prefer prints? This Dolce and Gabbana geranium print fringed dress would not look out of place for day or evening wear. Cleverly put together, it’s design cleverly accentuates the waist.

Looking for a different designer? This Made in Italy Giambattista Valli Couture green dress is exquisite and available for a very good price. The fabric is breath-taking (see the close-up photos of the labels) and it’s beautifully crafted from the inside out. A dress to take you anywhere.

There are Preloved options too including this Dolce and Gabbana floral ruched dressin a viscose blend. Again, if you were looking for a dress that can multitask, this is another that works for day or evening wear.

You can contact me about any of these daytime dresses to get more information or measurements. I also have more dresses, not yet online, so if you are looking for something specific it’s worth getting in touch.