Are you emotionally invested in your clothes? Do you hold on to your favourite clothes regardless of the passing years? Maybe even clothes you’ll never get back into? Or clothes that may now seem too young for you? You are in good company.

I can proudly put my hands up here to confess I am an offender.

My non-current clothes are vac packed away to save space but include more than 100 (really) vintage Custo Barcelona tops – it was a phase I went through in the early 2000s, a really beautiful green Prada waterfall dress I never wore but a dry cleaner ruined – there is a whole lesson right there.  Plus some very beautiful double layered dresses from no less than Monsoon (c 1998).  I could go on, but in the interests of modesty I won’t. It’s good to be eclectic.

Over the years I have sold a few things but some clothes I can’t bear to part with.  Ever. Hence vac packing when it might make more sense to off-load. There’s only so much space to be had but I won’t let the lack of space get in the way of my next purchase!

But here’s a thought. Does knowing what we know now about the clothes we love (the endless keepers) influence our decisions about what we buy in the future?

I think it’s made me anti disposable fashion in general – but that doesn’t preclude you making great finds in unexpected places. But I would much rather have a closet peppered with Dolce and Gabbana dresses than crammed full of clothes that barely see the light of day.  I also believe investing in fewer, better dresses (as an example), increases our happiness quotient four-fold.

I think to create your own ‘classics’ you need to know what suits you. Cut / pattern is everything. I would not worry about colours – they drift in and out of fashion.

It’s not directly related to the amount of money you spend but is directly related to how fantastic and fabulous a dress makes you feel. You probably won’t get that feeling from the high street in 2021.