Buying the best clothes you can afford should be your shopping mantra.

How does your wardrobe shape up? Are you still wearing a slummy lockdown look or have your styling choices moved on? Regardless of your current taste, my argument is buying fewer but better quality clothes brings more joy. It’s not really a question of upping your spending, but it does mean being more selective. Nowhere is this more evident than sale shopping. We all get a buzz from snapping up bargains, but out of your last sale haul, how much will you be wearing in a year’s time? There is much to be said for restricting your purchases to the unmissable, the lovely and the drop dead gorgeous. Me? I raided the &Daughter sale, and did nicely thank you. These are the pieces to treasure. And if you are buying with quality in mind, these are clothes that will last longer too.

Buy Clothes You Will Wear

Whether shopping for casual or smart clothes buy what you will actually wear. I think we have all, at some point, bought something we have wistfully stared at in the closet but has gone unworn. Perhaps a special dress you were going to slim into? A coat you fell in love with for its fabulous lines, but never suited. Or a heavily discounted cashmere sweater bought in the wrong colour? It’s easily done.

How to Edit Your Clothes Down

Now that life is returning more-to-normal, it’s a good time to edit your clothes. Get some of your investment back by listing what you don’t want to keep on the likes of eBay or for higher end items makes use of a resale service. New resale options are springing up all the time. The newest kid on the block is Net-a-Porter’s resell service which it’s doing in partnership with Reflaunt. Known as Net-a-Porter x Reflaunt it’s designed to allow your unwanted clothes, jewellery, and bags to join the circular economy. Check it out – and turn unwanted designer items into cash or Net-a-Porter store credits. Opting for store credits nets you a 10% bonus. Turning unwanted clothes into cash/spending power is very rewarding. At the same time, you’ll be making room for the clothes that give you a thrill. Happy days.

Buying the Best Clothes – How to Stay on the Straight and Narrow

This approach pays dividends going forward too. The clothes you wear and make you happy will inform future buying. To avoid future accumulation re edit your clothes when you make a purchase or perhaps after every third purchase.

This philosophy will guide you well, regardless of your style choices. I tend to home in on jeans and knitwear, and obviously dresses. The luxury of working from home means mostly I dress for comfort, except when I am going out or meeting people. There were too few going out days or evenings in 2020, but things seem to have now turned a corner. The last thing I bought was my pick of the Dolce & Gabbana 2021/22 Autumn Winter collection. It’s a piece to treasure. Just how it should be.