A Good Frock has taken a back seat in the last couple of months due to my house move. As my American aunt was fond of saying, it’s been a long time between drinks (posts). Forgive me. As well as the house move there’s been a lot of clearing out. Then after the move there was even more clearing out. It’s amazing, really, how much we collect over the years. The move has been a bit of an under-taking but all is good. We are all happily settled in and ready to get going again.

I have not had much time to look at the Autumn-Winter Collections, but I will be doing that this month. I have sneaked a peek at the new Dolce and Gabbana Autumn styles, and they seem to fall into a game of two halves. There are plenty of classic pieces we’ve come to expect from Dolce and Gabbana as well as some brighter and shinier pieces, designed perhaps, to attract a younger customer. What I have noticed some retailers are carrying less inventory than in prior years, so it might be harder to find what you are looking for. As I have said before don’t discount looking at Preloved dresses. In the current environment it’s a good way to broaden your dress-buying options.

The big question on everyone’s lips is whether we’ll see a return to dressing up. I am certain there will still be parties and weddings to attend, for which you need the perfect dress. Having a little glamour in your life does much to lift your mood! Expect posts on party dresses and I may list more stock.

Specifically, I’ll be reviewing Dolce and Gabbana Autumn styles properly in an up and coming post.

There’ll also be some surprises from A Good Frock. Watch this space.