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A Good Frock is not fashion forward. Deliberately so. Rather fashion fantastic.

A Good Frock

Welcome to my carefully curated dress collection.

Nothing does more for your self-confidence than a great dress.  Be the best version of yourself. Pick wisely, you’ll have a dress that will stand the test of time.  This is investment dressing at its best. More sustainable than today’s fast fashion.

My name is Yvonne. If we were not living in the times we are, I might have gone straight for a dress shop in Edinburgh. For the time being, I am based at home. For now. Buy from me and you’ll be helping me make my dream happen. It’s not every day you can say that.

A Good Frock.. The Thought Process

My personal preference is for dresses which don’t hide your femininity.  Not every dress you wear has to be ‘full on’ but it should be a flattering fit. Designers like Dolce and Gabbana excel at making the most of the female shape. Fashion comes and goes but good design has longevity. Be legendary, in your own lifetime.

My view, is, why bother, to invest in a dress by ‘name’ designers, if you are not going to feel confident enough, to wear it again and again? Not everyone is going to buy every season, so buy a dress with legs (if you catch my drift).  For those preferring the virtues of £40 dresses – A Good Frock is not for you. There are plenty of other sites to cater for your budget.  Likewise, if, you must buy from current collections.

Dresses by Name Designers at Good Value Prices

Now I know you can, and do, shop anywhere in the pursuit of a dress you love. We all shop around. I aim to offer a small selection of dresses at good value prices. All dresses sold by me are authentic including the preloved and vintage dresses. I tend to avoid anything too ‘out there’ so wearability is one of my key buying criteria. I might bend my own rules for vintage dresses, if they are special occasion dresses.

I want you to get lots of wear out of any dress you buy from A Good Frock. Yes, I mostly buy Dolce and Gabbana which makes A Good Frock, a Dolce and Gabbana specialist. There’s a lot to be said for sticking with what you know. Did I mention I have been buying Dolce and Gabbana for 30 years?

Why Specialise in Dolce and Gabbana Dresses?

I’ve said somewhere else recently, if you can sum up Dolce and Gabbana dresses in one word it would be ‘womanly’. That is exactly why I love Dolce and Gabbana dresses. But to be fair, A Good Frocks also stocks other designers. I like to think I know a good dress when I see one. Probably form fitting, certainly well cut, and a mid-weight fabric (more flattering for most women).

Over the last 18 months, there has been a lot going on. You can be forgiven for sometimes swapping out a dress for casuals. But where is the joy in that? Clothes should make us happy. A great dress can change the way you think about yourself. You can’t say the same for sweatpants. I don’t think I am over stating the case for a fabulous frock!

Quality of Dresses

A Good Frock stocks authentic dresses  by Dolce and Gabbana and other established designers, and some up and coming brands. I guarantee all dress descriptions to be accurate.

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